Civic Pride Awards 2021


On Wednesday, 16th February 2022, Bexhill Heritage’s annual Civic Pride Awards took place at St. Barnabas Church to showcase places in Bexhill that best represented ‘civic pride’. This year was sponsored by Redwell Estates.

Category 1 – Shop fronts with heritage features and or demonstrating civic pride

Haus of Brooks, Wilton Road

Symmetrical shopfront making the most of its original features. Note the handsome mullions and use of a heritage paint colour – expertly applied. The interior is also impressive.

The Foot Clinic, Endwell Road

The building’s overall symmetry is striking. Note the cornice, window design and mullions. Note the simple and effective fascia sign sympathetic to the building’s original design.

Dorothy Marchant, Western Road

This popular florist’s shop is, perhaps, a heritage template for other shopfronts in Bexhill’s Conservation Area. Original features have been carefully conserved. Note the recessed, tiled entrance lobby; pilasters; coloured transom glazing; traditional paint colour and attractive, effective signage.

Thomas French, St Leonards Road

A more extensive renovation than in some other examples but one with obvious references to Bexhill’s traditional designs. Note the external window blind; stallriser; quality of the paintwork; and restored pavement lenses.

Category 2 – Public open spaces demonstrating civic pride

Footbridge Gallery, Endwell Road


Bexhill in Bloom, Egerton Park


Category 3 – Conversions and restorations

St Andrews Place, Wickham Avenue

The Church has been converted into 11 apartments by a local developer. No expense has been spared to restore or recreate the original features. Local craft workers have been employed throughout.

The Brickmaker’s Alehouse, Sea Road

Note the traditional paintwork and preservation of the tiled entrance. Windows above the transom refer to Bexhill’s Victorian shopfront designs as does the facia sign. Joint winner in CAMRA’s Conversion to Pub Use design awards.