New Conservation Group for Bexhill


Bexhill Heritage, Bexhill’s new conservation group, is opening its doors to the public for the first time from Tuesday 23rd January. Anyone with suggestions, questions or comments about building conservation in Bexhill is welcome to drop in to the charity’s base in St Barnabas Church, Sea Road where a Bexhill Heritage representative will be available between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays through to 23rd February.

“Bexhill’s Old Town has benefited from its conservation society over many years”, says Raymond Konyn, Bexhill Heritage’s chairman. “The formation of an organisation to help conserve and protect the built environment of the remaining parts of our unique seaside town is long overdue. As a new charity and membership organisation with a robust constitution, we aim to work with the planning authority, local residents, visitors, property owners and developers to celebrate our shared heritage and ensure the many unique period features of Bexhill’s imposing buildings are preserved for future generations to enjoy.”

The charity has plans to launch an annual civic pride award next month to showcase outstanding work preserving or enhancing any of Bexhill’s heritage buildings. In the meantime, its members are becoming busily involved with a range of projects to protect or restore some of the town’s most significant heritage landmarks such as the West Station clock and the shelters on East Parade. “There’s much to be done”, says Raymond Konyn, “but with the support of our members, and by working in close partnership with other like-minded organisations, and community leaders, we can help make a significant difference to our town’s heritage and restore even more of its pride.”

West Station clock – stuck for ever at eight minutes past five? Bexhill Heritage would like to see it working again.

Published on Friday 19th January 2018 by the Bexhill Observer, page 6.
Image: CC0 Alexis Markwick