Repair of Shelter No.1/Bandstand, East Parade


The Bandstand was completed in June 1895. Originally erected by private enterprise and the cost defrayed by public subscription, it was later purchased by Earl De La Warr, who surrounded the stand with an enclosure to add comfort for the public attending band performances. The Bexhill Observer reported in March 1904 that “in view of the many complaints from subscribers and visitors of the the discomfort caused by traffic and strong winds, Earl De La Warr has decided to convert the bandstand into a shelter”.

A clip from the film Bexhill Mini Holiday (1968) showing the exterior of the shelter (no audio):

In early November 2020, Bexhill Heritage started work with Rother District Council to help out with completing repairs to the shelter. We made a complete refurbishment, reopening the building as the Coronation Bandstand in April 2023. A multi-purpose event space where people are welcome to relax, enjoy refreshments, meet friends or simply watch the world go by.

Final Update 6 – April 2023

On the 1st of April 2023 at 11:00am, Bexhill Mayor Paul Plim and Councillor Kathy Harmer opened the Coronation Bandstand. A weekend of celebrations followed with many local entertainers and groups.

Photographs courtesy of JTP53 Photography where watermarked.

Update 6 – January 2023

Roof tiles installed
Doors, windows, lighting, speakers and wiring installed
Scaffolding removed

Update 5 – October 2022

All old side panels have been removed and replaced with new design, currently being painted.
Ventilation panels have been made, painted and fitted.
Roof crest has been installed.

Update 4 – July 2022

Ceiling has been painted.
Bargeboard’s have been repaired, replaced where needed and painted.

Update 3 – May 2022

All old paint has been removed from ceiling.
Panels are being repaired and remade.
Floor replaced.
New maintenance hatches.
New paint has started to be applied.

Update 2 – August 2021

Old paint on the ceiling has started to be stripped away.
Top panels removed.
Submitted our planning application to Rother District Council.

Update 1 – November 2020

Roadways of Hailsham have donated one day’s labour and equipment to remove the old floor.
Roof tiles have removed and roof slats replaced.
A loft-hatch has been found and opened.
We are in the process of cleaning the roof-space, a lot of the artefacts we’re sifting through date from June 1974. Finds include newspapers, alcoholic beverages, empty cigarette packets, paint cans and the original gas pipes used for lighting.

Initial Condition Survey

Damaged by vandalism
Loose roof tiles
Dry rot in posts
Dry rot in mouldings
Paintwork deteriorated