West Station Clock – Investigation


One of the first projects for Bexhill Heritage is to determine if the Bexhill West Station clock can be made to work and thus return to timekeeping. It has stood stuck at 5:08 since about 1963. A recent visit by a railway enthusiast showed that the workings were intact but the condition is not known. We are waiting for Rother District Council, who own the building, to give consent for a feasibility survey. It is hoped that this will take place in the next few week and then an assessment can be made. So far examination has only been from photographs. These suggest the clock is intact and in reasonable condition. Rust is apparent on the winder and the vertical leading off rod, this the connecting rod between the mechanism and the bevel gear in the tower.

The clock does not strike or chime as many other public clock do. It just tells the time. It is powered by a heavy weight and runs for 8 days so would be wound weekly. More will be known after the initial inspection.

– Simon Allen

Image: CC0 Alexis Markwick