West Station Clock – Lights on


A couple of weeks ago, Bexhill Heritage appealed for a local sparky to step forward and work some magic on the West Station clock tower. The response was overwhelming. It was local electrician Matt Hyatt who was asked to have ‘first go’ at solving what had become an insurmountable problem. Everything Bexhill Heritage’s volunteers tried had been in vain. They simply couldn’t get the ‘illuminated clock tower’ to illuminate. Matt soon shed some light on the problem, tracing it to a faulty photo-electric cell. Once this dusk to dawn sensor switch was replaced and as soon as darkness fell, the clock’s lighting circuit sparked into action. So, on the evening of 7th November 2018, the tower’s internal lights shone once more to illuminate one of our town’s most recognisable clocks.

Thanks again to Matt Hyatt, it looks like he’s your man if you’ve an electrical problem that needs sorting. Thanks also to everyone else who offered help. Bexhill Heritage’s volunteers are very grateful.

Hyatt Electrical
07985 443253