Youth Centre Clock – Inspection


Bexhill Heritage have started work on another prominent local landmark, the Bexhill Youth and Community Centre clock on Station Road. Centre Manager, Mr. Paul White, called us after attempts to get the clock going had proved prohibitively expensive.

We’ve already brought the electric clock’s mechanism back to full working order. Unfortunately, Bexhill’s sea air has corroded and stiffened the clock’s large hands over the years.

“The clock’s hands need removing and thoroughly renovating. That’s a bigger job than it might seem as we’ll need to take out the clock face glass and its surround.” – Simon Allen

We also plan to light the clock-face at night, and to repair the cracked and corroded cement surround.

A working Youth Centre clock will be another important symbol of the pride Bexhill people and particularly our members, have in their town. Stopped clocks carry an obviously negative message particularly in a building used by so many young people in Bexhill. That’s why we’re happy to support Paul and his team in getting their public clock up and running.

Work on the clock is due to be completed in the autumn.