Civic Pride Awards 2020



On Monday, 2nd March 2020, Bexhill Heritage’s annual Civic Pride Awards took place at the Town Hall to showcase places in Bexhill that best represented ‘civic pride’. This year was sponsored by Redwell Estates.

New building demonstrating beauty and utility in its design and build.
WINNER: Gray’s House, Herbrand Walk

Public art or displays stimulating interest in Bexhill’s heritage and demonstrating civic pride.
WINNER: Bexhill Butterfly, Wickham Avenue
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Motoring Heritage Gallery, Sackville Bistro
COMMENDED: Barracloughs the Opticians, Western Road

Building demonstrating civic pride through its restoration.
WINNER: East Parade Shelter No.2, Rother District Council
HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Picture Playhouse, JD Wetherspoon
COMMENDED: The Wickham Bistro, Wickham Avenue

Press Release

Rother District Council’s work in restoring one of the town’s historic seafront shelters has been recognised by local charity Bexhill Heritage. The Council has been named as overall winner of Bexhill’s annual Civic Pride Award.

Other award winners, as voted by Bexhill Heritage’s members, included: Gray’s House in Herbrand Walk; Barracloughs the Opticians in Western Road; the ‘Bexhill Butterfly’ wall mural and Wickham Bistro both in Wickham Avenue; Sackville Bistro on East Parade; and Wetherspoon’s Picture Playhouse in Western Road.

Rother Council Chairman Cllr Terry Byrne, praised Rother’s staff for their vision and dedication in working hard work to restore the town’s seafront to its former glories.

He said: “I am delighted to accept this important award on behalf of everyone at Rother. The Council will continue to work with community organisations like Bexhill Heritage to conserve and celebrate our town’s rich heritage.”

Raymond Konyn, Chairman of Bexhill Heritage, presenting the awards, congratulated all the winners and said: “All our winners have brought us interest, beauty and joy through their huge contribution to the quality of Bexhill’s built environment. We’re pleased to recognise their achievements through these prestigious awards.”

Published on Friday 6th March 2020 by the Bexhill Observer, page 22.