Tackling Bexhill’s heritage crime


Heritage crime is any offence which damages or harms the value of our heritage buildings and precious historical artefacts such as lampposts and post boxes. This is something the town’s new conservation charity, Bexhill Heritage, is seeking to bring to bring to public attention. “Once such heritage assets are damaged or removed, it’s challenging and expensive to get them back exactly as they were”, says Raymond Konyn, Chair of Bexhill Heritage. “It would be tragic if, as a community, we just stood by while theft, criminal damage, arson and general anti-social behaviour harm and interfere with our enjoyment and knowledge of our heritage now and in the future. Together we can help prevent this crime.”

“We’re lucky to have so many examples of historic buildings in Bexhill but they’re not always treated well. For example, the remains of the 1943 anti-aircraft battery at Bulverhythe recalled in Spike Milligan’s wartime memoir, Adolf Hitler, my part in his downfall, lies neglected and damaged. Without greater care and protection, we’ll it lose it forever.”

To raise awareness of this important issue and to show what can be done to support Sussex Police in tackling heritage crime, Bexhill Heritage are holding a public meeting on Saturday 24th March at 10am in St Barnabas Church, Sea Road, Bexhill. The main speaker is Daryl Holter from Sussex Police (Heritage Crime) who can be relied upon to give a fascinating presentation. There will also be an opportunity to hear more about Bexhill Heritage’s current projects to protect and enhance the town’s rich and diverse architectural heritage.

Published on Friday 9th March 2018 by the Bexhill Observer, page 7.
Image: CC0 Alexis Markwick